Patient Portal

Electronic Medical Records

Pear Tree Medical uses electronic medical record technology and software to make appointments, manage medical records, and prescribe medications directly to a pharmacy.  There are no paper charts. Electronic records allow Dr. Jeffress faster access to important patient information when it is needed.
Security is of the utmost importance. As such medical records are not stored locally; the records are stored at a secure datacenter with extensive back-up and security measures in place.

What is a Patient Portal?

The web-based Patient Portal allows patients to communicate easily, safely and securely over the Internet with the clinic. Patients are given secure passwords that allow them to log into the  system to view their own private set of documents including lab results, statements and messages.
Patient Portal uses leading edge technology to promote healthcare and make it easier to perform preventive care. The Patient Portal gives patients 24/7 access to their medical information from the comfort and privacy of their own home or office.
The Patient Portal allows patients to view prescription information, lab results, diagnostic results and appointment information in a timely manner. Patients can also request prescription refills, complete health assessments, and much more.

How is Pear Tree Medical Using the Patient Portal?

By using the patient portal, Patients can request appointments and complete the medical history through the portal.

How do I get access to the patient portal?

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Because I am a working mother of four kids, ages one to sixteen, having easy access to a family doctor is not just a “nice to have” but a necessity in life! Pear Tree Medical Associates has the best medical practice I have ever been to.  Appointments are usually on time.  There is nothing more frustrating than having a sick child and then having to wait for an hour for the doctor to arrive.  Dr. Jeffress can treat the baby, my teenagers, as well as me and my husband.  Because Dr. Jeffress sees all of us, she knows the entire family and helps with all types of issues, not just illness.  Here in Pearland, we are lucky to have such a great doctor in our community.  –M.B., Pearland, TX